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Get Educated

  • Alexander Robinson School – West 95th Street off Central Park West(Shout out to Mr. Lee!)
  • The Beacon school- an alternative, non testing public high school on west 61st.(CocoNutz, PTR, Tara B, Greg Shepard, CASTRO! i used to skip school and light up with these dudes every day in the spring )
  • Booker T – 103 West 107th Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues(Classic spot. Most my homies started out here in the public school system)
  • Calhoun School(T.V. school. Went to my only summer camp here. herbs)
    • Main Building – 433 West End Avenue at 81st Street.
    • Robert L. Beir Lower School – 160 West 74th Street, between Amsterdam & Columbus avenues.
  • The Cathedral School of the Cathederal of St. John the Devine in Morningside Heights
  • The Center School – 70th between Amsterdam and West End
  • The Collegiate School(HERBS)
  • Columbia Grammar and Prep( MAS, BK and a few other legends)
  • MS 44
  • Corpus Christi School – next to Columbia University and Teachers College
  • De La Salle Academy(Shout out to all my Dominicanos!)
  • Dwight School (Dumb White Idiots Getting High Together)
  • Manhattan Day school
  • P.S 79
  • P.S 87-on 78th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue.
  • P.S. 97
  • P.S. 9- 84th and Columbus
  • P.S. 163 – West 97th Street, (Lengendary IBM rooftop. So much great art was painted on that roof. Shout to Sho, Risk, Slin 2, Epic, Poke and Doze Green.)between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues
  • PS 166
  • PS/IS 187
  • St. Agnes(HFL! CCL! and i think the infamous SEX 1)
  • St. Hildas and St.Huges – in Morningside Heights( i went to kindergarten here. shout out to sister Helena Marie!)
  • Trevor Day School( Fonda, Noobs and bunch of other weirdos)
  • Trinity School(HERBS)
  • York Preperatory– near Lincoln Center( for the slow)
  • laGuardia – behind Lincoln Center(Legendary school. Produced many talented artists, musicians and dancers as well as many derels)

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